TESTIMONIALS - Ramtin Kazemi


“Thank you Ramtin for an awesome Adventure /Photography tour. I had a wonderful time and learned a lot about Landscape Photography. Your Photography Tour is once in a life time experience, the Tombstone landscape is beyond my comprehension. I am still not recovered from the experience. Your gourmet cooking is awesome too. One day soon I will want to come back again”

"First of all! Ramtin is the man! Not only he is a great photographer, he is also an awesome person to be around with! I went to his workshop in the Canadian Rockies the first week of January and I had the best photography time of my life. The whole week was full of adventures to many different locations. This was my first workshop I have ever done and Ramtin is an easy going teacher. He will let you do your own work, but if you have any questions about composition, framing, etc. he is glad to help you and give you another perspective. Overall, this was a great experience, the locations Ramtin took us were great and the photos we took were even better. I definitely recommend you do the Canadian Rockies Winter Adventure with Ramtin and be prepared to be fascinated by the landscape the Rockies provide. You will not be disappointied! You can see my images and some editing techniques learned from this workshop at Instagram or 500px by following me @lu8cho. Thank you again Ramtin for an awesome adventure!"

"My parents and I went on a photography workshop with Ramtin in July 2016 to Georgian Bay. From months before, Ramtin was always available to answer my many questions, whether they were photography-related or not. He was very well prepared and arranged a meet up so we would be very well prepared as well, which made everything really smooth. The photography workshop was great. Ramtin spent a lot of time explaining us how to get the right composition and the right shot. He was always checking on us, making we were ok and always willing to explain more and even re-explain. Not only did I improved my photography skills, but it was a great nature experience! Cross-country camping was a first for us and on an island in the middle of nowhere, it was amazing! We laughed, met great people, cried a little under the rain and warmed up in the Canadian summer sun and firepit. Would definitely recommend it :)"

"Doing a skype one of one session with Ramtin is very straight forward and informative. Yes! You do not need to have photo because he can go over with you his techniques and workflow using his own images. He is very knowledgeable and savvy with post processing and he will show you every detail and how it affects the image. He will show you how perspective and color corrections affects your composition"

"One of the best adventure trips I've ever been on! Had a blast right from the time we got there. There were 10 people in our group and everyone had a great time – a perfect mix. I've done a lot of photography but I don't have any astrophotography experience, and Ramtin was great at showing us how to get properly setup and frame up some great shots on the first night. We had 4 clear nights and I got in some really good results. The stuff I learned will be with me forever. I'm so glad I made the decision to go. Can't thank you enough, Ramtin"

"We went on Ramtin's photo excursion of the West Fox islands where he taught us everything we needed to know about astrophotography from the technical details, to the importance of composition, to post-processing. We learned a lot about photography and the adventure was an equally great aspect of the experience. Ramtin planned every detail of the trip and made sure we had all the information we needed to be prepared for 4 nights on an uninhabited island. Ramtin is also a great chef, providing us with some of his delicious homemade beef jerky and serving us bannok fresh off the campfire. We had a blast and would absolutely go on another photo-adventure with Ramtin!"

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